New Heidra 1

Heidra was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark a dark winter in 2006 by a group of musicians inspired by the more melodic genres of metal. They sought to create music you do not see much in the Danish metal scene that incorporated the harshness of black metal, as well as the symphonic and melodic aspects of, for example, power metal and folk music.

In mid-2007, Heidra had found the right musicians to get the project underway and after playing a few cover songs in the rehearsal room in Gladsaxe, the songs for what would become their first demo, The Saga, were written. In 2008 the demo was released and following the release, Heidra managed to land a warm-up gig for Finnish metal giants Turisas in Copenhagen. This was only their second ever concert.

In 2009, the recording of Heidra’s second demo, Northern Tales, began – something that was done over the course of six months in different rehearsal rooms. The demo featured four new songs as well as improved re-recordings of the songs from the first demo. Having been unable to find a new drummer after Simon Christensen, the drums for the demo were recorded by session drummer, Loke Bispbjerg. Northern Tales was not released until mid-2011 due to a lengthy hiatus and following the release, Heidra played a series of concerts with different session drummers.

In January 2012, Heidra began recording their debut EP Sworn to Vengeance – the first recording done in a professional studio and the first fully official release from the band. Having still not found a steady drummer, the drums were done by Søren Jensen, who also mixed and mastered the EP, at his studio in Frederikssund (Six String Studios). The EP was released independently by the band themselves in late October that same year. During October 2012, Heidra finally completed their line-up with the addition of drummer, Mikkel Køster.

Heidra released their debut full-length, Awaiting Dawn, in 2014 and has since been on two European tours.