Martin W. Jensen


Name: Martin Warming Jensen

Birthdate: 27-03-1986

Joined: 2006

Instrument: Guitar

Gear: Ibanez guitars, Marshall 30th anniversary amp and POD HD 500.

Musical inspirations: I´m inspired by a lot of different genres, bands and musicians. Angra, Moonsorrow, Manowar, Kiko Loureiro, Ensiferum and Japanese rpg soundtracks, just to name a few.

Musical background: I started playing guitar at the age of 17 having my uncle teach me a few things every once in a while. Got serious about it when I first attended what we in Denmark call “Produktionshøjskole” where I played music for hours every day. After I finished school I joined death/black metal band Archain but eventually left to focus on Heidra. I also attended DARK (The Altervative Rytmic Conservatory)

Favorite drinks: Beer, mead and whiskey all though I rarely consume alcohol those are my favorites.

Other interests: Weight training, martial arts (MMA and BJJ), history, culture, nature, gaming and my family and friends of course.